Thursday, November 19, 2009

Represent This City

All too often, DC themed t-shirts spell disaster; I think we've all seen one too many tie-dye "I love DC" shirts..
Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to find One vs. Many's great "DC Hands" tee on Rachel Cothran's Project Beltway. The "DC Hands" are sketched out by DC artist, Greg Halayko. You can purchase your own tee to represent DC today. I know I would really enjoy this little gem wrapped up in my stocking this Christmas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Invoking the Tweed

The stage was set, bikes poised and ready, the newsboy caps were plentiful and tweed was shown some new found love, from perhaps unexpected sources.
DC's first Tweed Ride, organized by Dandies and Quaintrelles, was an enormous success, drawing out around 300 riders for a leisurely ride around town- in tweed of course.
The image was quite surreal, especially for Washington; a city known for serious faces, not elaborate events. Washington residents were caught off guard, as bikers filled the aggressive city streets.
The event brought out one of the most eclectic groups of people I have witnessed at one event in this fair city; a mix of bike enthusiast, history fanatics, nostalgic and stylish city dwellers and your local event goers. This group all convened at the U Street epi-center for youth and the culture hungry, Marvin. The Tweed Ride brought all of these people, perhaps not the most conservative of sorts, together for an ode to the past and forecast for the future.
Tweed is no longer an old and tired standard. Now this simple fabric represents a resurgence of the classics; an intentional rebuking of today's style. Anything emphasizing classic style is A-okay in my book.
If you missed this inaugural event, don't fret; the second Tweed Ride will take place in April 2010.

Check out this video, an appropriate silent film of the event by Vincent.
Also, check out ReadySetDC's great photos of the event. (shameless friend plug)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Made Match

Last weekend, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the lovely lady behind The President Wears Prada. I enjoyed learning of the recent collaboration between, TPWP, the District Cutand my favorite local boutique, Treasury
Every Wednesday the trio will showcase their favorite looks from the store. Above is a sample.
Look out for more from this great team. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Burberry: Art of the Trench

I am smitten with the Burberry: Art of the Trench project. Utilizing photographer extraordinare, Scott Schuman (aka the Sartorialist) to shoot the first 100 images for the campaign highlighting the beauty of the trench coat.
The site, a part of Burberry's rebranding efforts, combines the beauty of the classic trench with a fresh use of street style. The site is quite a success in my opinion, an interactive journey documenting the trench in real life.

Attention Ladies & Gents

You are cordially invited to the First Semi-Annual Washington Tweed Ride.
The event-a brainchild of Eric Brewer-is being presented by Dandies and Quaintrelles.
Pull out your best tweed this Sunday, November 15th. Riders will meet at 722 H Street, NE, eventually convening at Marvin for a post-ride celebration.
Here is bit of inspiration from across the pond, at a London variation of the Tweed Ride.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wallpaper* Discovers DC

Oh, I've been waiting for this for quite some time and I am so excited the day is finally here!!!
The Wallpaper* coveted city guide will finally include Washington, DC. This guide is the be all end all.
You can pick it up at Politics & Prose in a few weeks.

A short education on An Education

An Education is a must see for film lovers and novices alike.
However, An Education offers up more than just stellar performances and cinematography.
An Education is impecably stylized; full of a retro-British style that fits in quite nicely for DC sensibilities. The costume design is spot on; a combination of British reserve and bold steps.
An Education, stars the breakout Carey Mulligan and the immensely talented Peter Sarsgaard.
You can catch An Education at E Street Cinema.

Best Picture..Ever??

The best picture ever?
Yes. Yes, it is.
I have a total girl crush on Natalie Portman.
The shoulder cuffs are absolutely fantastic!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Le French

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything- but is this not the coolest dresser you have ever seen? Check the Le French Dresser by ibid on Wary Meyers.

WWCBP: What Would Carrie Bradshaw Post?

Let's face it; if Sex & the City were currently on air, Carrie Bradshaw would not be a columnist for a daily paper...Carrie Bradshaw would be a blogger.
Not too long ago Sex & the City aired Sunday evenings on HBO, however today new media has totally changed the game(and the fashion world.) I would actually expect Carrie Bradshaw to have her very own fashion blog.
So, here is my question of the week:

What would Carrie Bradshaw post about?