Monday, March 22, 2010

A Thaw for One and All.

You would have been crazy to not have been outdoors this past weekend. DC was alive (and crowded!) Made me want to go for a ride on my dream bike.
Aside from the fact that this ludicrous woman is wearing heels on a bicycle, I love this image of the Velorbis Classic Victoria.

Worn Magazine

Last week, I finished up the last feature in the "fashion:district" series. The interview was with Nicole Aguirre, editor of DC's newest (and only, might I add) purest fashion and art magazine, Worn. Worn is set to debut in early April, check out Worn's website and blog for more information. Trust me, you'll want to take note.
Check out my interview with the lovely Nicole at ReadysetDC.


The majority of my time as of late has been dedicated to one thing and one thing only; the announcement of "Fashion:District" the show, over at my other blog ReadysetDC.
The show will include all local designers, boutique owners and artists, including; Redeem, Treasury, Commonwealth, a special look at Worn Magazine, Durkl and the debut of men's accessories line Derringer Friday.
I hope to see you all out at View 14 on April 7th. Check back for more information!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Five Bites A Night

I absolutely adore Washington food writer Amanda McClements, of the blog Metrocurean.
Her popular "Five Bites" quizzes DC chefs about their favorites meals aside from their own cooking. "Five Bites" has grown into a reader favorite, and now Amanda posts her loyal fans' "Five Bites."
I was inspired by the concept, but like a mad scientist, wanted to take it further.
I wanted to see if it was possible to do "Five Bites" one night.
The concept--while ambitious and well planned--was a bit of a mixed bag.
First, allow me to provide for you my list of five:

1. Grilled Pork with noodles from Vietnam Georgetown
2. Fried Catfish and French Fries from Blue Ridge in Glover Park
3. Sauteed Wild Mushrooms from Cork
4. Hunkar Begendi (Turkish braised lamb shank and eggplant puree) from Zaytinya
5. Frozen Custard from The Dairy Godmother in Del Ray

First, you must have a car to achieve your goals of reaching each restaurant. Second, while timing is key, certain items simply cannot retain their greatness after sitting in a car for thirty minutes. Despite these issues (oh, and Cork doesn't do carryout--quite a disappointment) the evening was still fun. Next time though, I think it best not to overwhelm the mind.