Friday, January 29, 2010

A Very Vintage Appeal

Why don't people travel in style anymore?
I am neither speaking of etiquette or modes of transportation. I'm talking about luggage.
Recently waiting for my luggage at baggage claim, it hit me. I was aghast when I realized I was drowning in a sea of black luggage. And, that I was just as guilty as the next person.
Black, after black, after black (and the occasional awkward floral print.)
Shame on me. Shame.
Luggage says more about a person than we care to acknowledge. Luggage encapsulates what is most dear to all of us. And I for one do not wish to receive the label: efficient yet boring.

So, I raise a call to bring back the art of luggage. You say: why care? I say: why not care?
One of my favorite websites for all things vintage, Etsy, has some wonderful options, such as this gem.

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