Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FotoWeekDC: November 7th-14th

FotoWeekDC 2009, the premiere photography event in Washington, is nearly here.
The festival will run through November 7th-14th.
With so many events occurring at once, its essential to prioritize. Check out the full schedule here.
Here are some of my picks:

1. Edward Burtynsky and the Industrial Sublime
The artist himself will give a lecture at the Corcoran Gallery on November 11th at 7pm discussing his current exhibit "Oil" at the gallery and the connectivity of nature and industry.The lecture is $15 for Corcoran members, $20 for the public.
2. Foto Fashion Presents Immortal Style
On Sunday, November 8th at Immortal Beloved Salon (1457 Church Street) in Logan Circle, will host Immortal Style: An Exhibition of Fashion Photography. A special fashion video art installation will be provided by Adrian Loving.
3. Fixation
The eve before Foto Fashion, head to Fixation at Industry Gallery (above Conner Contemporary) from 6-10pm. The event put on by the Pink Line Project and Ten Miles Square will feature 9 Fixation photographers, music by Yoko K, Ayyoko Confidential and Suspicious Package (recently featured in Spin Mag) all seeking to break the stereotypical notion of the DC resident.

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