Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rest in Peace Cursive

Perhaps you have heard the news?
Cursive is dead.
Maybe you could care less. Perhaps even loathed having to trudge through cursive lessons in grade school.
Well, I care. A lot.
I make it a point to write in cursive, in fact I actually never thought twice about it until recently when I learned through Time Magazine that youngsters are no longer taught cursive in school.
Chalk it up to the Internet, of which I have a love/hate thing going on. 
The Internet has single handily killed our ability to spell (thanks a lot spell check) and has created a new (and catastrophic) language for a new generation. Soon our elders will need dictionaries just to decode Internet speak and text messaging...

So here is one last plea for the life of cursive. 
Cursive is a beautiful, romantic reminder to who we are, where we have come and how charming writing REAL letters can be.
For as long as I'm around I will make it a point to keep cursive around.
Rest in peace my friend. 

Alright, I will step off my soapbox. Goodnight folks.

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Kandace said...

What? No cursive? I don't really write in it very much but I do think it is very pretty and also fun to write that way. Getting rid of it is quite depressing. As an English major I have a lot of respect for words and writing and it seems sad that for many young people that might not be the case.