Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Beer Week Washington

The stifling hot month of August is a cornucopia for fresh produce here in the District; fresh sweet corn and Eastern Shore peaches galore. What could be a better time to launch DC Beer Week than this month (who says peaches and beer do not go together?)
DC Beer Week is the six day festival celebrating all things beer; from the dive bar to the true craft that is beer brewing.

Various Washington restaurants/bars will participate throughout the inaugural beer week:
Tuesday-The Reef, Cafe Saint-Ex and The Argonaut
Wednesday- The Palace of Wonders, Marvin, District Chophouse and Commonwealth
Thursday- The Red and the Black and Asylum
Friday- The last happy hour of DC Beer Week appropriately takes place at a spot which has helped highlight the joy of micro-breweries here in DC, R.F.D.

For a more complete schedule refer to DC Beer Week's website here.
DC's Inaugural Beer Week; August 16th-21st
Go forth and enjoy!

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