Saturday, August 8, 2009

Knock Out; The Blazer

Not exactly a "new" idea but a great one none the less.
Oh, love for you is unwavering.
I don't like trendy "must haves" but I must tell you, classic "must haves" are indeed MUST HAVES, and the blazer fits into this category quite nicely.
Take your pick, for this fall there are many great variations of the blazer such as these;

Boyfriend Blazer aka Slouchy Blazer

School Boy Blazer
Great classic fall piece, and well priced. Try Gap (below) or the little boys section of any department store.

Another Take

The eighties are trying their darnedest to come back (as we saw Marc Jacobs declare this past spring) and while shoulder pads should remain in the past (forever please!) a little eighties infusion ain't so bad. Example below.

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