Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping Mother Earth Would Approve Of

I have recently become quite annoyed at myself for not shopping in a more conscientious manner. My lack of understanding the importance of knowing where our clothing actually comes from, fueled me to throw myself head first into learning about Eco-friendly clothing. I mean, if I truly care about the environment, how could I neglect to know what I put on my back?

First lesson; check out local Eco-friendly clothing brands, such as TranquiliT.
 TranquiliT is the Eco-Luxe lifestyle wear for yoga and beyond founded in 2002 by Kimberly Wilson.
The lifestyle brand is made of solely organic and sustainable materials such as bamboo. Another perk? TranquiliT is made right here in our nation's capitol! 
"To honor our commitment to green living and to offset carbon emissions, we plant a tree for each online order we ship. We also donate a portion of all sales to charities that support women’s empowerment and creativity. Our manifesto is live fully, laugh often, leave a legacy."
Check out one of TranquiliT's DC locations today!

A stellar success story in terms of organic fashion, is quite obviously Stella McCartney. With friends in high places, McCartney has catapulted fashion with a conscious into the mainstream.
Check out Stella McCartney's line at Net-A-Porter. McCartney's line, ever the organic loving vegetarian, is fur and leather free; making her number one with the animals.

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