Saturday, July 25, 2009

Listening to the Ice...

The glimmer, the mystic, the killer cocktail concoctions that is Old Town's own PX.
The speakeasy that joins Eric Hilton's the Gibson, shares some similarities; the idea, the seriously killer cocktails...however PX aims to keep it intimate and idyllic.
PX is the brainchild of the team behind Restaurant Eve and the Majestic and is in its own world as far as typical bars go. The speakeasy's man at the helm is Todd Thrasher, DC's own cocktail king.
The team has taken often sleepy Old Town by storm in the past few years and has redesigned the standards of Old Town dining.
Look for the blue light on a side street of busy King, knock and await the pride creep up stairs and enter into dimly lit quarters.The hostess seats you in a quiet, yet communal area and presents you with your treasure of the evening; the menu.
Beware, attempts to sip a vast array of concoctions will leave your mind quite hazy...
By far the most enjoyable aspect of PX is the chance to witness the true skill of mixology.
The concoctions created are pure liquid art and a true delight.
Aside from the killer cocktails, PX is a place unlike any other; a cozy spot where you can sit down, enjoy a drink and actually hold a conversation.
PX now offers online reservations, click here to reserve your spot now.

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