Thursday, July 2, 2009

A perfect picnic

This 4th of July weekend would be a prime occasion to try out Alexandria's Butcher's Block market picnic packs. Butcher's Block is Robert Wiedmaier's (of Brasserie Beck) newest venture in Old Town, along with Brabo and Brabo Tasting Room.
Butcher's Block offers two options;

"The Fourth of July Sandwich Pack ($45) includes two gourmet sandwiches, chips, fresh Lucques olives and cornichons, housemade brownies or cookies, bottled water, and a choice of a bottle of wine or a pint bottle of beer. The Fourth of July Cheese and Charcuterie Pack ($60) includes a choice of two cheeses, Columbus Crespone dry salami, fresh Lucques olives and cornichons, a freshly baked baguette, bottled water, and a choice of one bottle of wine or one pint bottle of beer." [Metrocurean]

Fourth of July or not, I will surely be planning some summer picnics along the Potomac with friends...which will of course include Butcher's Block goodies!

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