Thursday, February 26, 2009

Listen Up Gentlemen!

Fellas, it's time. It is time to banish those baggy and hideous unfitted trousers. Introducing the modern man, and most importantly a man who is modernly equipped in the fitted trouser. Today's New York Times (as I said, I have found much inspiration there lately) featured, "A New Angle on Trousers," discussing the acceptance of tossing those ill-fitting pants of the past for a little sex appeal. "Men have been terrified of wearing pants that are too tight," said Daniel Peres, editor of Details, "so we err on the side of big blowsy pants."
It is important to take this advice with a grain of salt...don't go overboard here. It's essential to balance between comfortable and sexy without bordering on well...feminine.
All in all, I am completely in favor of gentlemen giving a little TLC to the trouser.

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