Thursday, February 19, 2009

The World is all a-Twitter...are you?

It appears as though the Washington media has officially embraced Twitter.
Everyone is on Twitter, from Meet the Press' David Gregory, Ben Smith of Politico, Howard Kurtz, George Stephanopoulos...and all the while CNN's Rick Sanchez hasn't shut up about it.
The Twitter world was all a-buzz when the REAL Karl Rove began Twittering (confirmed by Joe Trippi and is doing a hell-of-a job too) and even more recently Newt Gingrich has gotten in on the action.
Ben Smith declared yesterday, “Social networking programs tend to tear through communities — high schools, upper levels of media — at exponential rates, and Twitter has now fully arrived in Washington's media scene.” (thanks @Playbook)
Even if your scene is not the whole DC political media thing, there is a place for you on Twitter.
If you are like me and have been glued to New York Fashion Week, Twitterers @cutblog @refinery29 and @fashionweekusat have been doing a great job Tweeting behind the scenes. The additional of Twitter to Fashion Week has made the week even more fun with constant informational updates (a fashionista's drudgereport if you will...)
So my question to you is...are you on Twitter?

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