Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Washingtonian's Top 5 Restaurants

Just in case you are unaware, The Washingtonian has released their list of the 100 Best Restaurants.

6. Restaurant Eve. Now normally I would begin a list with 5, however I personally feel Restaurant Eve should be much higher on the list...I'm talking top 3 AT LEAST... Try the Bacon-egg-cheese salad and one (or many) of their fantastic and unique cocktails. Sit at the bar and ask for Tami. Enjoy! Here for more.
5. Palena and Palena Cafe.
4. CityZen.
3. Minibar. Minibar finds its home in Cafe Atlantico. Chef José Andrés creates a laboratory of culinary delights.
2. Citronelle.
1. Komi. The Dupont Circle restaurant wins the number one spot. For more: Komi

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