Friday, March 27, 2009

According to Cassie: Weekly Input

cassie, kate & the incredible bob:

been there..

tried this..
must now try this.... 
** the "bob" above may very well be the best looking one we ever meet. (sorry if your boys a bob). just personally finished cutting my locks in accordance...and though not usually one to play the copy cat game, in hair affairs a moss do is a must.   gisele take note. 
bisous... cassie

although i imagined my first "blogged" thoughts to be quite pensive and catchy, appeasing my insomnia has taken precedence.  apologies. so here, thanks to my dear friend jordan, do i, cassie marie dean post for the very first time... and  with all this tossing and turning one must imagine gold with a touch of INDIGLO might help time go a wee bit faster.
sweet dreams...cassie
order mens TIMEX now.

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