Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes...I am talking about Maya Lin...again...

I was certainly not supposed to take this little photograph, but I figured no flash equals no problem. (quickly was corrected by Corcoran stafff) I finally visited Maya Lin's Systematic Landscapes at the Corcoran Gallery. I had been talking this installation up for quite a while, and much to my pleasure, it did not disappoint! The three most notable; Blue Lake Pass, 2x4 Landscape (pictured) and Water Line.
While I had to fight a school field trip crowd for viewing space, the exhibit was not uncomfortably crowded.
My favorite portion of the exhibit was certainly Water Line. Constructed as a skeletal, topographic model of underwater landmasses in the South Atlantic Ocean. The all encompassing wire structure is suspended over head and sums up Lin's goal of putting the viewer IN the landscape.
Be sure to check out the Corcoran soon. The Maya Lin exhibit will be open through July 12th, 2009.

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