Monday, March 30, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

Welcome in Cherry Blossom fever! This time each year DC comes alive with excitement as those famous little flowers begin to bloom. While the peak bloom period has been revised to April 1st-4th, the official bloom period is March 28th- April 11th.
The Cherry Blossom Festival spurs local restaurants to capitalize on the influx of DC visitors. Eateries/bars such as; Art & Soul, Hook, J. Paul's, Mie N Yu, PS7's and Zengo will all be taking advantage of the excitement by offering cherry blossom themed cuisine and cocktails.Below: Mie N Yu Cherry Blossom cocktail

Can't get enough of the Cherry Blossoms? Check out the Washingtonian.

Also don't miss the annual Cherry Blossom Parade as it marches down Pennsylvania Avenue to Constitution Avenue, led by grand marshall Alec Trebek.

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