Friday, March 6, 2009

Cherry Blossom Cocktails & Festivities

While the official Cherry Blossom Festival does not begin until March 28th, that doesn't mean we cannot celebrate in the mean time. The lovely people over at the Washingtonian have compiled a delectable list of Cherry Blossom themed cocktails. My favorites include:
The Gibson
The Japanese Cocktail—made with angostura bitters, brandy, and orgeat, a syrup made of almonds, sugar, and orange-flower water.
Mie N Yu
Georgetown’s Mie N Yu will be serving the Cherry Blossom, made with grape vodka, Fuki Cherry plum wine, and cranberry juice.
Equinox has three cocktails: the Cherry Rum & Cola; the Cherry Pie, made with vanilla-infused vodka, white-chocolate liqueur, and Maraschino cherry juice; and the Cherry Sphere, a combination of sweet vermouth and cherry-infused vodka.

For more information on the National Cherry Blossom Festival running from March 28th- April 12th click here.

Also, keep in mind, the peak blossom dates are expected to be April 3rd-9th.

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