Saturday, March 7, 2009

The New York Armory Show

The Armory Show: International Fair of New Art, is the preeminent barometer of the Contemporary art world.
Every year the show serves as a gauge as to what is going on in the art world, and this year is no different. The waters in the art world are quite turbulent this year, as the economy remains in a downward spiral. Art is often one of the first things to "go" in a bad economy.
One exception to this rule was the recent Yves Saint Laurant estate sale which netted nearly a half billion dollars. "$262 million in its first night of the three day sale of Yves Saint Laurent and partner Pierre Berge's 733-piece art collection." This included works by; Brancusi, Matisse and Mondrian.
Though this was certainly a positive sign for the art world, this may have just been an isolated event. As the Armory Show takes place this weekend in NewYork, March 5th-8th, many missing Contemporary artists signal a bad sign for the art world; including one of the Armory's founders Matthew Marks.
The Show was founded 15 years ago by Marks, Paul Morris, Pat Hearn and Colin de Land. Named after the 1913 New York art exhibit which introduces avante-guard art to America.
The Friday New York Times featured an article on the Armory Show titled, "On the Piers, Testing the Waters in a Down Art Market":
"The signs are literally everywhere in this year's addition of the Armory Show, emblazoned on prints, spelled out in lights, carved in stone: "Capitalism Kills." "Everyone is Broke." "Don't Cry." "Keep Calm and Carry On.""

I suppose only time will tell what will happen to the art world in such dramatic times. While many respectably have much more on their plates than to think on the state of art, art is still an intricate part of our economy and therefore an important test to what lies ahead.

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