Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attention Gentlemen: Statement Underwear

It seems there is a rising trend for gentlemen out there: statement underwear.
Men before you tune out, listen up!
Are you sick and tired of women getting all the fun when it comes to underwear? Well, if so, turns out you aren't alone. Jockey is reporting a boost in the sale of the brand's Y-front briefs, which come in; pink, baby-blue, orange and pistachio. American Apparel also has great styles, as does the original underwear genius, Mr. Calvin Klein.

And WWD reports: "The waistband — originally tasked with the humble job of keeping the garment on the hips — now functions as part billboard and part design lab, where underwear companies experiment with color and pattern, new printing techniques, larger widths and oversize logos."

It seems statement underwear for men is serving as a pick me up in troubled times. And gentlemen, trust me- women care about what you are wearing down there...much more than you think.

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