Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Taste of the True South

There is a certain pure simplistic beauty to southern living...and you cannot wholly understand it without living in it. No state sums up the south like Alabama.
This past weekend I ventured to Orange Beach, Alabama for THE most southern festivity you can possible partake in...the FloraBama 25th Annual Mullet Toss (as in the fish...not the hair.)
While I did not personally throw a fish in this classic competition, my poor friend Cassie did get hit in the face with a mullet (coming from at least 100yards away no less.)
Knock it if you must, Alabama knows how to have a damn good time!
The beach, the sun, the Bushwackers (Pirate's Cove for you native southerners) the boating...seriously, what could be better??

Side Note: As I was enjoying a lovely boat ride to the FloraBama, my sunglasses decided to fly off of my face...Wish List: Ray-Ban in gold= simple goodness (and for the record...never trust me with sunglasses)

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