Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best-of Lists: full of it or full of ideas?

Washington is a city loaded with people claiming to be "in the know" and has a well established idea as to what constitutes the DC socialite scene. I'm not close to being "in the know," I just like to write about what I know, offering my opinions on a broad array of topics.
There are some great DC bloggers (political and non) who offer great tips on events and insight on living in the District. I love supporting local bloggers and love the forum of ideas that blogs create...and this brings me to why I began to write this post in the first place: Best-of lists. Good? Bad? or just plain ugly?
Typically, when it comes to best-of lists you either love them or loathe them. As for me, I enjoy them- not for the so-called "rankings" but for the plethora of ideas they offer.
I like to take advantage of the influx of new ideas, places to go and things to try; whether it be a new restaurant, a new watering hole or great a music venue.
My particular favorite (which no doubt you have guessed) is the Washingtonian Magazine.
Last week, Washington City Paper released their, "Best of DC 2009." I found that the list offered unique picks categorized into; readers picks, editors picks and in-depth profiles. The list is actually quite entertaining, including; "Best blog/blogger," "Best beer & wine selection," "Best Washington jazz musician," as well as classics like restaurants etc.

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