Sunday, April 5, 2009

DC & the "Lounge"

DC &"lounge" never seems to work out the way it does in New York, LA, Miami or Atlanta. However, perhaps STIR will shake things up in the District?
The lounge is calling itself, a South Beach invasion of DC. STIR opened in previously charted territory- in Indebleu/Tantra's old space. The space is in a prime location, across from the Verizon Center and just off the main drag in Chinatown.
Pamela Sorenson of Pamela's Punch brought up an extremely valid point, asking whether there really is enough revenue in the DC nightclub/lounge business to keep clubs/lounges coming?

Well worth noting, the DC private membership club atmosphere is skyrocketing, though the idea is a well established DC tradition and is likely to always do well. Private club's have grown younger it seems, no longer solely for older politicos, smoking cigars & drinking scotch (I always think of the Prime Rib). Native Washingtonian, Bo Blair created such exclusive spots such as the Rookery, the infamous Smith Point and SurfSide in Glover Park, which are always on the see and be seen list.

To the doubtful out there, there really are some quality clubs in DC that have been able to do well for themselves; offering service, exclusivity and style (No, I'm not talking about places like Ibiza). These spaces are spread out around K Street, Chinatown and even Georgetown. There is the door exclusive Josephine's located in the K Street corridor.
Then there is the illusive, membership club, L2, tucked away in the heart of Georgetown, often more associated with a Smith Point type of crowd. L2, boasts a more mature feel than its fellow counterparts complete with stellar music and design (I have yet to go, but can't you tell I'm dying to!).
The Space, another membership club, calls a 100 year old carriage house home. The Space is a very service oriented lounge, catering to the needs of its members and is supposedly perfect for private terrace parties. Rounding out the few I chose to discuss is Tattoo located on K Street, right off of 14th. Tattoo does a spectacular job of combining rock 'n' roll and chic design. (Beware of Lotus next door, the place is a trap)

DC restaurant/lounge combos also fare extremely well, especially in certain areas in the District, like the recently opened Policy on 14th in the U Street corridor. Though new, I have heard nothing but good things about the new neighborhood addition. A few of my personal fave restaurant/lounges also are conveniently located near Policy, such as; Saint-Ex, Marvin and Tabaq.

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