Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trust for the National Mall

Chip Akridge, Chairman of the Trust for the National Mall issued the following statement yesterday:
“Sec. Salazar’s announcement is good news for the 25 million annual visitors to the National Mall and for the many men and women who will have a job in the restoration of this historic park. The investment in the National Mall means funding for infrastructure projects which will employ engineers, contractors, construction workers, gardeners, horticulturalists and other professional and skilled workers. The National Mall is ‘America’s Front Yard’ and this infusion in funding will help to jump-start the repair, restoration and improvement effort for this iconic national park.”

If anyone has taken a second to look at the Mall, they can quickly see that the 700 acre park is in a pretty sorry state. The allocation of $55 million for Projects on the National Mall is a very very good thing. For more information on the Trust for the National Mall, check out their website.

The Trust for the National Mall and the L'Enfant Society will be putting on the Inaugural Ball on the Mall. The event is black tie and is to be held on May 8th on the Mall at Madison Drive and 13th Street, NW. Tickets are $150.

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