Friday, April 3, 2009

Attention Men: Lost Boys Ahoy!

Men's boutiques such as Manhattan's Kesner and LA's Lisa Kline Men, are re-shaping the idea of shopping for men by adding booze to that custom service. These shops encourage customers to sit down, enjoy a stiff cocktail and try on a few duds.
Don't worry DCers, you aren't being left out of this new trend. Lost Boys is DC's answer to Kesner, offering a safe haven for stylish men in the District. Lost Boys offers signature consultations, unique apparel with a certain je ne sais quoi which is aimed at the young professional. The Lost Boy's Club lay in the heart of Georgetown a prime location for stylish boys to play.
Yesterday's Wall St. Journal featured "Belly Up to the Bar and Buy Some Jeans" highlighting Lost Boys as a leader of the new shopping frontier. The boy's club idea is certainly creating a buzz and while retail is down in this economy, its spurring a new interest in shopping. These boy's club retailers are sprouting up everywhere from New York to LA, DC to Atlanta.
And while many wonder about the "one too many" seems customers understand that Lost Boys is a "store, not a saloon. "

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