Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miss Confused

Who gets crowned the miss of the week? none other than Paris Hilton. In all honesty, she is a fail proof miss, and I feel as if I shouldn't even spend the time to write about her...but this outfit is too much not to discuss-she's asking for it;
1. Is that belly "wrap" necessary? and beyond that, comfortable? I doubt...
2. Ear to ear shades? What a recent find at a Star Trek yard sale?
3. My ultimate pet peeve: girls who wear heels around the pool/beach. Why? A. It's not comfortable B. You are already in a bathing suit...I'm pretty sure men are satisfied with why add the heels? You are trying way too hard.

This little look mixes Xenia warrior princess with Lady GaGa.
Listen, Paris...I know Richie emulated the whole GaGa craze...but you need to branch out.
Which, brings me to another point.
Lady GaGa is in now. Yeah, she is bold and many people are quite enraptured with her look...but since when was it okay to totally rip off some one's (very established) look while they are STILL doing it...? Ponder that.

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