Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Double the Trouble

Sienna and Savannah Miller comprise the sisterly duo behind the line Twenty8Twelve. While Sienna is certainly the more recognizable name of the two, both sisters have proved their worth in the fashion world. Love her, or hate her, Sienna, is credited with popularizing Hollywood bohemian chic and has been praised for her iconic style. Her other half, Savannah, attended the acclaimed design school, Central St. Martins, followed by a stint at Alexander McQueen. The sisters were approached by fashion entrepreneur Carlos Ortega in 2006 to create their own line.
Twenty8Twelve is an affordable and ultra wearable collection
Their spring/summer 2009 collection is a fusion of three ideas; Victorian elegance with a soft romantic creamy pastel palate, inspiration from French songstress Edith Piaf with lean tailoring and sleek cigarette denims, and finally a high summer collection filled with watercolor linens and slip dresses.
After five seasons, the sisters took their first leap onto the catwalk in London with their Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Sienna said the runway show helped define who the Twenty8Twelve girl is; a gutsy risk taker
Recently, fellow fashionista Rachel Zoe (who today announced she is launching her own line) interviewed the sister team for Interview Magazine.

My favorite quote from Sienna was this; "I think you can convey so much of our personality through the way you dress, and therefore it is important that the way you dress is true to who you are."
I completely agree with her. Fashion is art. While it can often be misinterpreted and commercialized, becoming too caught up in labels and trends; the base of fashion is wearable art, a way to show your natural style.

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