Friday, May 8, 2009

The 2009 White House Correspondent's Association Dinner

This Saturday, Washington's power elite will trade in their work attire for a little glitz and glamour. The 2009 White House Correspondant's Association Dinner will be held at the Capitol Hilton, and will feature comedian Wanda Sykes. Sykes will be given the rare opportunity to make fun of the president- to his face. Sykes may have a tough job creating laughs amidst the current economic situation, but certainly isn't short material.
The dinner is typically a glitzy affair; pitting celebrities with politicians and journalists. This year, however, attendees are choosing to tone down glamour and bow down to reality. The Washington Times reports that the trend this year isn't; who are you wearing? but rather, when did you last wear that? Evening gown/tux recycling versus red-carpet indulgences seems appropriate; yet it is still possible to be sensible AND glamorous! Instead of digging through your closet, complaining of nothing to wear; see it as new opportunity to jazz up old threads by altering them or adding accessories. Even though I am no where near lucky enough to be on the guest list for the event, this trend certainly inspired me to root through my old things and create new ones!

The WHCA Dinner will donate proceeds to various charities, along with giving $132,000 toward journalism scholarships for students.

Photo above of W. at last year's dinner.

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