Thursday, May 28, 2009

Artomatic 2009

The tenth year of Artomatic opens this Friday, May 29th and will run through July 5th. Located in a brand new building next to the Nationals stadium at 55 M Street, S.E., admission is free. The Artomatic art fair is an "anything goes" compilation of over 1,000 artists; including performances, installations and music. It is a great place for up-and-coming artists to get recognized, and a great buy to purchase art. Be sure to check it out!

"With four stages, four bars and a lounge on each floor, the 10th Anniversary Artomatic is bigger than ever. 52,500 people attended Artomatic last year, and 70,000 are expected this year. Over 1,000 visual artists and 600 performing artists are exhibiting this year."

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