Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Gibson: concocting quality cocktails with a kick

The mastermind behind DC band (and my personal favorite band,) Thievery Corporation, Eric Hilton has weaved his magic to create Eighteenth Street Lounge, Marvin and the oh-so unique speakeasy, the Gibson. Last night, was my first visit to the Gibson, and must admit, I am smitten.
Urban contemporary, intimate and quiet without being bland; the Gibson sits right next to U Street Corridor favorite, Marvin. The cozy, candlelit decor, channels 20s glamor and serves up fantastic and mind numbing vintage cocktails- by far the best drinks in the city. The cocktails at Gibson are carefully and lovingly concocted. Staying true to its speakeasy inspiration, the Gibson only seats 48 (no standing allowed,) has an unmarked door with a single doorbell to summon the doorman to seat you. Tables are half reservations and half walk-ins, but don't even try to walk-in on the will be waiting awhile. For reservations call 202-232-2156.

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