Monday, May 18, 2009

Barton Seaver's Blue Ridge

Barton Seaver's newest adventure post-Hook was set to open April 1st, however, quite obviously that date has come and gone. Seaver's new restaurant Blue Ridge aims to add another neighborhood favorite to the very neighborhood favorite friendly Glover Park. The new spot will include an upstairs lounge and a unique menu with expertise focus on food. A friend at the soon to be bustling restaurant, informed me that its opening will come in the next few weeks.
Seaver, is also behind Sonoma on Capitol Hill and Redwood in Bethesda (along with Eli Hengst.)
The coolest thing about Blue Ridge? "85 percent of our ingredients are sourced locally," and from the Blue Ridge Mountains themselves no less. Look out for upcoming updates!

Click here to check out the Blue Ridge menu. (includes Catfish yum! and a great looking brunch menu!)

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