Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Studio Theatre: Radio Golf

One of the country's most reputable contemporary theatres, happens to be snuggled in the Logan Circle neighborhood, right here in the District.
The Studio Theatre is an artist-founded and artist-driven theatre, creating some of the most inventive and entertaining modern scripts and shows today. Last summer I ventured to the theatre to see the hilarious, Jerry Springer: the Opera. After witnessing the magic of a singing Jerry Springer, I was hooked.

This Wednesday, May 20th, August Wilson's Radio Golf will open at The Studio. "Tackling gentrification and one African-American man’s bid for elected office, Radio Golf is the culmination of August Wilson’s ambitious 10-play cycle covering every decade of the 20th century."
A seemingly appropriate topic given the recent history made after the last national election cycle- with a comedic twist, which Studio plays have a knack for. This final installment of Wilson's 10 play cycle is a must see.
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