Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Art of Walead Beshty

Today was the opening of LA based artist, Walead Beshty's "Directions: Walead Beshty: Legibility on Colored Backgrounds" at the Hirshhorn Museum.
The exhibit will run through September 13th, 2009.
Beshty's work is a fascinating look at photography fused with modern art. They are mesmerizing.
He is a modern pioneer of the photogram, a camera-less procedure first conjured up by revolutionary artists such as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray.
If you are into modern photography, be sure to check out the Hirshhorn.

Green Champagne?

As I was perusing some of my favorite sites this evening, I came across this little gem on Nylon.
Green. Champagne.
Yes, folks. The green movement has breached into our partying ways.
Hey, I'm all for it. My college did not even recycle glass, so after party damage guilt was quite massive. And, I am not a hippie my friends, but I do try to do my part not to trash the earth.
Introduce: POP Green!
"French vineyard Pommery just introduced POP Green, a champagne made with less glass to reduce fuel emissions during shipping, recycled paper for the label and wrapping, and alcohol made from sustainably farmed grapes." (Nylon)
It'll cost ya $49.99 at liquor stores nation wide.

Best of Old Town ala Washingtonian

The Washingtonian offers a nice little "best of" places to eat in Old Town. I agree with the majority, including The Majestic, Restaurant Eve, Brabo, Vermillion and Grape+Bean.
However I have some personal hometown favorites not on the list; Taverna Cretekou a fantastic Greek family run establishment that offers live Greek music on Thursdays. It's a must if you like Greek food. I also cannot help but love Landini Brothers, the long time Old Town establishment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NYT to Downsize Fashion Spreads as Newspapers Continue to Suffer

In a matter of weeks (May 10th to be exact) the New York Times will scale back on its fashion coverage. The NYT will relegate all fashion and photography to T Magazine published every few weeks, and Sunday & Thursday Style sections.
The cut back is obvious in this economy and especially with the newspaper industry being in such an uncertain state.
“The hope and expectation remain that the pay cuts and the spending cuts outlined above will get us through the year without the need for other significant reductions," said Bill Keller, executive editor.
This is only a small portion of the significant losses that the newspaper industry is feeling as they attempt to bridge the gap between traditional news mediums and the rapid increase of new media.

Purple Fantastic Out-of-this-World

You may love this or absolutely hate this, but this color is fantastic! Welcome spring!
Via Sartorialist.

Joey Potter redeems herself

Katie Holmes impressed me immensely in this black Alexander McQueen number. Her Fall Miu Miu ads were ehh in my book, but this is fantastic!

Gold Cup & the Kentucky Derby

While you in DC will be enjoying the fabulous Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase races this weekend at Great Meadows, I will be in Louisville, Kentucky for the 135th Kentucky Derby!
Visit the official Kentucky Derby website here.
The Kentucky Derby is even TWITTERING!

A Taste of the True South

There is a certain pure simplistic beauty to southern living...and you cannot wholly understand it without living in it. No state sums up the south like Alabama.
This past weekend I ventured to Orange Beach, Alabama for THE most southern festivity you can possible partake in...the FloraBama 25th Annual Mullet Toss (as in the fish...not the hair.)
While I did not personally throw a fish in this classic competition, my poor friend Cassie did get hit in the face with a mullet (coming from at least 100yards away no less.)
Knock it if you must, Alabama knows how to have a damn good time!
The beach, the sun, the Bushwackers (Pirate's Cove for you native southerners) the boating...seriously, what could be better??

Side Note: As I was enjoying a lovely boat ride to the FloraBama, my sunglasses decided to fly off of my face...Wish List: Ray-Ban in gold= simple goodness (and for the record...never trust me with sunglasses)

Sweet days ahead @930 Club

Okay, so this is way in advance, but June 7th through the 10th, 930 CLUB is hosting some pretty awesome bands. These include; the Hold Steady on Sunday, TV on the Radio Monday and Tuesday and wrapping up with Santigold on Wednesday.
I die. You die. These shows are going to be AMAZING! The downside...they are all sold out. But hope is not lost! Savvy (but slow) concert goers can often find tickets via eBay and Santigold tickets are still available at

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Feasible Balmain Alternative

So you know that Balmain jacket which I (and everyone else) have been raving about...well Alice + Olivia if offering a feasible look for those of us not about the afford an $11,410 jacket! I adore that A+O is helping us out (price tag is around $400-500.
Personally, I am not a fan of a knock off, but I do appreciate this effort.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save the Date: Wilco at Wolf Trap

Last night I had the sheer pleasure of seeing Wilco live for the first time in Birmingham, Alabama- front row no less(snapped this little picture, the best I could do w/camera phone.)
I could ramble on and on about my love for Wilco, but I will spare you.
The band will come to Wolf Trap on July 8th and pre-sale tickets are available now but only on Wilco's website. Check it out! Personally, nothing sounds better than Wilco and a picnic under the DC summer stars!

Earth Day (sort of)

So...Earth Day was yesterday, but I have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to posting. My apologies. I saw this little piece of gold on FamousDC and simply couldn't stop laughing.

Trust for the National Mall

Chip Akridge, Chairman of the Trust for the National Mall issued the following statement yesterday:
“Sec. Salazar’s announcement is good news for the 25 million annual visitors to the National Mall and for the many men and women who will have a job in the restoration of this historic park. The investment in the National Mall means funding for infrastructure projects which will employ engineers, contractors, construction workers, gardeners, horticulturalists and other professional and skilled workers. The National Mall is ‘America’s Front Yard’ and this infusion in funding will help to jump-start the repair, restoration and improvement effort for this iconic national park.”

If anyone has taken a second to look at the Mall, they can quickly see that the 700 acre park is in a pretty sorry state. The allocation of $55 million for Projects on the National Mall is a very very good thing. For more information on the Trust for the National Mall, check out their website.

The Trust for the National Mall and the L'Enfant Society will be putting on the Inaugural Ball on the Mall. The event is black tie and is to be held on May 8th on the Mall at Madison Drive and 13th Street, NW. Tickets are $150.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Video

This is hilarious. What else can Lohan do at this point but make some fun of herself.

What is Heaven?

Heaven...Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs and Justin Timberlake in May 2009 Vogue. I would love to be sandwiched between the genius that is Marc Jacobs and the oh so handsome JT.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

French Elle covergirls go natural

French Elle features 8 celebrities/models on multiple covers sans makeup or re-touching. Above, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova and Sophie Marceau are shown, all shot by Peter Lindbergh. These are beautiful women, with or without makeup.
So what do you all think? Would this fly anywhere but France? What about here, in the US?

Beyonce Upgrades (herself)

I simply cannot contain my jealousy...this fantastic Balmain spring 2009 jacket is to die for! However, unfortunately it'll run you a cool $11,410. Bravo Beyonce!

Flaming Lips (AH!) hit DC for Earth Day

If you will be in the District for Earth Day (this Sunday, April 19th) you would be crazy not to go down to the Mall because THE Flaming Lips will perform on the National Mall! The concert is part of the Green Apple Earth Day Festival, also featuring Moe., Los Lobos and DJ Spooky. Did I mention it's FREE? Also, Mr. Chevy Chase will emcee the event. Check it out!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Power to the Boyfriend Suit

It's pretty difficult to deny that the 80s are back with a vengeance as well as the blazer (my personal fave, which I post about often) combine them both and you get the Boyfriend Suit aka the Pantsuit. Make fun of "the pantsuit" all you want (I am referring to the numerous references about Hillary Clinton and her countless pantsuits). A more feminine pantsuit has entered the scene- chic and sophisticated with slim trousers and a sleek blazer. Designers from; Stella McCartney to Balmain to Gucci have begun to do an overhaul of the pantsuit and has quickly caught on. The New York Times article today on the pantsuit rockets this idea to the mainstream.
I noticed the Gucci suit below in Fall '08 as it quickly became a favorite look of mine- strong, independent yet still feminine.

Opening Day at the Nationals Park

Today spring really began in DC with the Nationals season home opener. Though our beloved Nationals lost (Phillies 9, Nats 8) the baseball spirit is infectious. Personally, nothing is more pleasurably than a Nat's game day hot dog and an ice cold beer at a Nationals game. While, off to a rocky start, the Nats are the best team we've got. Cannot wait for my first game of the season!
Certainly one of the most asked questions was why the highly anticipated restaurants/shops surrounding the new stadium are not even close to completion. This weekend the Washington Post offered an answer in this report.

Sevigny does the Blazer proud

As an enormous blazer fan myself, I thought the oh-so stylish Chloe Sevigny did the blazer proud at last night's Kiehl's Doe Fund celebration. Love this brass button blazer.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet Bo the First Pup

After months of media speculation and anticipation not to mention a flood of name possibilities; the First Family has a new addition. The Washington Post reports that Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog has become the newest resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The pup was given to the Obamas by the infamous Portuguese Water Dog enthusiast himself, none other than Senator Ted Kennedy. Though Bo's official public debut is set for Tuesday, news of his arrival has quickly become the most popular story on WaPo's website.

Jean Shin: Common Threads

On May 1st artist Jean Shin's exhibit, "Common Threads" will open at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Famous for incorporating found objects, and her "one person's trash, is another person's treasure" philosophy. Ms. Shin, who attended school in Bethesda, was commissioned by the museum to create the installation, "Everyday Monuments." The work was inspired by protests and celebrations on the National Mall take form of hundreds of miniature trophies, "...represent all the people who maybe never won trophies or decided not to be sports stars but live their lives through work," says Shin. Along with the debut of "Everyday Monuments," the exhibit will feature 6 other installations by Shin since 2000 including; "Chance City," "Chemical Balance," and "Unraveling."

Below: "Common Threads"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hysteric

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon! Take a listen to "Hysteric" from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album "Blitz." I'm totally into this tune and also hope you all got a chance to see their first Saturday Night Live performance last night.

What could be better?

Combine Lady GaGa and Kanye West. Oh, the ego! Oh, the fabulous musical potential!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Inspiration: a piece of Toast

I refer to the fashion maven behind FashionToast aka Rumi Neely as the "blogger that could."
Rumi started typing away in 2007 about her inspirations; models she admired, clothing she pinned for etc. Today, Rumi is now an infamous fashion personality, setting trends of her own. She has an adventurous flare for unique styling which has rocketed her from behind the scenes watching, to in front of the camera living. Influencing established model, Erin Wasson's RVCA and getting free bees from the likes of Lanvin- the girl is a blogger's inspiration. Rumi, now is establishing her own modeling career, and I wish her all the best!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Lovin'

Spring is here...time to put a little spring in your step!
Image: Sartorialist

Question: what is your spring time ritual? We all have them.
Personally, I become addicted to the much missed warm sunshine...I grab a blanket, a Diet Coke, my fave books/magazines of the moment and simply bask.
Such simplicity, it feels so darn wonderful after months of harsh and chilly weather.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attention Gentlemen: Statement Underwear

It seems there is a rising trend for gentlemen out there: statement underwear.
Men before you tune out, listen up!
Are you sick and tired of women getting all the fun when it comes to underwear? Well, if so, turns out you aren't alone. Jockey is reporting a boost in the sale of the brand's Y-front briefs, which come in; pink, baby-blue, orange and pistachio. American Apparel also has great styles, as does the original underwear genius, Mr. Calvin Klein.

And WWD reports: "The waistband — originally tasked with the humble job of keeping the garment on the hips — now functions as part billboard and part design lab, where underwear companies experiment with color and pattern, new printing techniques, larger widths and oversize logos."

It seems statement underwear for men is serving as a pick me up in troubled times. And gentlemen, trust me- women care about what you are wearing down there...much more than you think.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Time: the 84th Annual Gold Cup

It's about that time again... the social event of the spring season, the 84th Annual Gold Cup is rapidly approaching! Ladies, bring out those spring sundresses and don't forget the signature hat (the bigger, the better) and gentlemen prepare your seersucker suits. Might as well revel in the preppiness, when else can you get away with it to this extent? The 84th Annual Gold Cup will be held rain or shine on May 2nd beginning at noon. Click here to check out the official Virginia Gold Cup site for more information.
Tickets are officially on sale for The Capitol Club's Gold Cup extravaganza, which is certain to be the most festive tent at Great Meadow. Click here for a run down of the organized tents which also includes; Town Hall and University Row.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Official: CW picks up the Mafia

The much talked about on/off/on again DC based reality show, Blonde Charity Mafia is set to hit television screens July 7th, 2009 according to WaPo's Reliable Sources. The show starring Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson and Sophie Pyle will run on the CW network. It aims to bring the Hills to DC.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crank the Amp: the Bustier

A consistent trend for Spring 2009 is the bustier. Usage of the bustier amps up sex appeal by displaying feminine curves. The bustier has been seen from designers such as; Yigal Azrouel, Prada, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. Below is Yigal Azrouel's black crepe bustier. Pairing the glamorous bustier with T-shirts and jeans in his resort collection.
It creates an effortlessly casual cool.

Check out Yigal Azrouel's site.

Topshop finally opens up shop in NYC

UK style mecca, Topshop finally made its first venture across the pond to the US this past weekend. The highly anticipated store opened to much celebration; including dinner at Balthazar in New York City. This dream dinner was attended by the likes of Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss (Above) Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony, Jason Wu and James Morrison. Guests sipped on Bellini Martinis & Balthazar Gin Fizzes while noshing on uber stylish Hors d'overes.

The fuss behind Topshop was amplified by the many opening delays of the SoHo store. There to kick off the opening was the fashion goddess herself, Kate Moss. Moss arrived at the shop to heavy crowds shouting, "Kate, Kate!" wearing her own Topshop shimmering emerald green gown complete with leather jacket, Moss unveiled the store with Sir Phillip Green.
Click here for a peak at Kate Moss's Spring Topshop line. And click here for a virtual tour of Topshop from Refinery29.

DC & the "Lounge"

DC &"lounge" never seems to work out the way it does in New York, LA, Miami or Atlanta. However, perhaps STIR will shake things up in the District?
The lounge is calling itself, a South Beach invasion of DC. STIR opened in previously charted territory- in Indebleu/Tantra's old space. The space is in a prime location, across from the Verizon Center and just off the main drag in Chinatown.
Pamela Sorenson of Pamela's Punch brought up an extremely valid point, asking whether there really is enough revenue in the DC nightclub/lounge business to keep clubs/lounges coming?

Well worth noting, the DC private membership club atmosphere is skyrocketing, though the idea is a well established DC tradition and is likely to always do well. Private club's have grown younger it seems, no longer solely for older politicos, smoking cigars & drinking scotch (I always think of the Prime Rib). Native Washingtonian, Bo Blair created such exclusive spots such as the Rookery, the infamous Smith Point and SurfSide in Glover Park, which are always on the see and be seen list.

To the doubtful out there, there really are some quality clubs in DC that have been able to do well for themselves; offering service, exclusivity and style (No, I'm not talking about places like Ibiza). These spaces are spread out around K Street, Chinatown and even Georgetown. There is the door exclusive Josephine's located in the K Street corridor.
Then there is the illusive, membership club, L2, tucked away in the heart of Georgetown, often more associated with a Smith Point type of crowd. L2, boasts a more mature feel than its fellow counterparts complete with stellar music and design (I have yet to go, but can't you tell I'm dying to!).
The Space, another membership club, calls a 100 year old carriage house home. The Space is a very service oriented lounge, catering to the needs of its members and is supposedly perfect for private terrace parties. Rounding out the few I chose to discuss is Tattoo located on K Street, right off of 14th. Tattoo does a spectacular job of combining rock 'n' roll and chic design. (Beware of Lotus next door, the place is a trap)

DC restaurant/lounge combos also fare extremely well, especially in certain areas in the District, like the recently opened Policy on 14th in the U Street corridor. Though new, I have heard nothing but good things about the new neighborhood addition. A few of my personal fave restaurant/lounges also are conveniently located near Policy, such as; Saint-Ex, Marvin and Tabaq.

Miss Confused

Who gets crowned the miss of the week? none other than Paris Hilton. In all honesty, she is a fail proof miss, and I feel as if I shouldn't even spend the time to write about her...but this outfit is too much not to discuss-she's asking for it;
1. Is that belly "wrap" necessary? and beyond that, comfortable? I doubt...
2. Ear to ear shades? What a recent find at a Star Trek yard sale?
3. My ultimate pet peeve: girls who wear heels around the pool/beach. Why? A. It's not comfortable B. You are already in a bathing suit...I'm pretty sure men are satisfied with why add the heels? You are trying way too hard.

This little look mixes Xenia warrior princess with Lady GaGa.
Listen, Paris...I know Richie emulated the whole GaGa craze...but you need to branch out.
Which, brings me to another point.
Lady GaGa is in now. Yeah, she is bold and many people are quite enraptured with her look...but since when was it okay to totally rip off some one's (very established) look while they are STILL doing it...? Ponder that.

Seeing Red

Scrolling down the page on Sartorialist, I nearly passed this outfit. I think it is great but it didn't *pop* until I saw those shoes! (Jimmy Choos) Ah I'm in love! I think a good red heel is essential-whether you want to do it in a classic pump, or a more bold statement such as the above, just do it! And, I am also a big believer that a good pair of shades can totally make an outfit.

St Vincent @ Black Cat!

I never really knew what a "golden birthday" was until recently, when someone informed me that mine is coming up. I will be 22 on the 22nd, and while a few days post birthday I am heading to Mexico to celebrate, I will in fact be in the District for the big day.
I simply happened to check Black Cat's sched. for that night, and behold, a band that I LOVE happens to be playing!
St. Vincent will perform at the Black Cat on May 22nd at 9. Tickets are only $15, quite a steal for a great band! Check out a live version of one of my personal fave's "Human Racing." Hope to see you there! In the mean time, check out St. Vincent's website for more info:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inspiration: Pop Pop Pop Pop

I typically limit myself when speaking about art for the simple reason of that I could go on forever. Tonight, I feel like indulging myself.

(Above: Self Portrait 1966. Jackie II 1966. (Images: MoMa)

Hands down, Pop Art is my favorite movement in Modern Art.
The Pop Movement reflected the takeover of mass culture in society, signifying a loss of innocence and authenticity. This feeling of being swamped in mass culture was never better depicted than in the work of Andy Warhol.

Warhol let in conformity with open arms, saying, "...Isn't it great? We can all be the same..."
Through his iconic "Factory" he made everyone part of the mass culture assembly line.
I could write forever to no end on the mysteries of Andy Warhol, but I will leave on this note...Warhol, the genius that he was, through his personality, silkscreens and films in fact BECAME a silkscreen himself. Amidst his extreme popularity the "real" Andy Warhol became just another part of popular culture; just another silkscreen.
Boy, I wish I could interview Warhol...
(Photo below from ArtNet of Warhol, his muse Edie Sedgwick and Chuck Wein)

The Pop Movement inspires me immensely, but Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick are gods to me! Gah, I wish I could have been alive for the Factory!

(Photo: BrightestYoungThings)

Styling at the NATO dinner

At the NATO dinner, it seems fashion has found its place amidst the world's most powerful leaders. For the occasion, the First Lady selected a dress by famed Parisian designer, Azzedine Alaia, which Mrs. O purchased from Ikram in the States. The full skirt, body hugging bodice and sleeveless arms created a flattering look for the First Lady, who has certainly impressed the world with her fashion selections this week. Bravo.

Below, the President and First Lady arrive in style. (Photos NYT & WWD)

Under the Blossoms

DC you're in luck! The peak Cherry Blossom period falls over a beautiful weekend! You would be a fool not to enjoy the blossoms! And yes, you will certainly not be alone...but the blossoms are well worth fighting the crowds.
One great idea: have a picnic under the blossoms. Grab some buddies or that special someone, a blanket, lunch and a little wine (for even more fun) and head to the Tidal Basin.

Love At First Sight: Matthew Williamson for H&M

For all of your out there who are fans of designers collaborating with big name stores, big ready for a really good one. On April 23rd, British designer Matthew Williamson's line for the Swedish mega-chain H&M will hit a select 200 stores nationwide, with an additional roll out May 14th. The two collections have been highly anticipated and will likely sell out quite quickly, so prepare yourselves!
I'm loving the fantastic prints! How fun, flirty and colorful!

Wine & Dine Me: TopFlr

Last night, my girlfriends and I ventured over to TopFlr in Atlanta. The wine bar/restaurant has been making quite a splash since its opening in 2007, and it's fantastic selection of wines, great food and uber chic atmosphere keeps Atlantians coming back for more. Click here to check out the interior of TopFlr (it's a work of art!)
Among the local praise, TopFlr has received big name recognition from professional foodies. Bon Appetit released a "Hot 10" list of national wine bars. TopFlr made the cut, as well as one of my favorite DC spots, Cork.

Bon Appetit's The Hot 10: Raising the Wine Bar
1. Terroir, New York
2. Bar Bambino, San Francisco

3. Top Flr, Atlanta
"At this two-story gem in Midtown Atlanta, the small but smartly chosen list changes weekly and always includes interesting varietals from small-production wineries. The full-flavored, rustic food—duck confit and applewood-smoked-bacon pizza, grilled hanger steak—completes the experience."

4. Tria Cafe, Philadelphia
5. The Local Vine, Seattle
6. Cork Wine Bar, Washington, D.C.
7. Brasserie du Vin, Honolulu
8. Tasca, Los Angeles
9. Max’s Wine Dive, Houston
10. Lavomatic Café, Cincinnati

Places such as TopFlr and Cork make me want to eventually open my own wine bar/restaurant! One day...maybe I'll open it in DC and call it "Reds, Whites & Bubbly" hmm...

Pictures above were taken at TopFlr

Friday, April 3, 2009

Talk about a tie

I leave you this Friday with a thought: what are the chances Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Michelle Obama thought they would BOTH wear bow collars? Hmm...

Attention Men: Lost Boys Ahoy!

Men's boutiques such as Manhattan's Kesner and LA's Lisa Kline Men, are re-shaping the idea of shopping for men by adding booze to that custom service. These shops encourage customers to sit down, enjoy a stiff cocktail and try on a few duds.
Don't worry DCers, you aren't being left out of this new trend. Lost Boys is DC's answer to Kesner, offering a safe haven for stylish men in the District. Lost Boys offers signature consultations, unique apparel with a certain je ne sais quoi which is aimed at the young professional. The Lost Boy's Club lay in the heart of Georgetown a prime location for stylish boys to play.
Yesterday's Wall St. Journal featured "Belly Up to the Bar and Buy Some Jeans" highlighting Lost Boys as a leader of the new shopping frontier. The boy's club idea is certainly creating a buzz and while retail is down in this economy, its spurring a new interest in shopping. These boy's club retailers are sprouting up everywhere from New York to LA, DC to Atlanta.
And while many wonder about the "one too many" seems customers understand that Lost Boys is a "store, not a saloon. "

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best-of Lists: full of it or full of ideas?

Washington is a city loaded with people claiming to be "in the know" and has a well established idea as to what constitutes the DC socialite scene. I'm not close to being "in the know," I just like to write about what I know, offering my opinions on a broad array of topics.
There are some great DC bloggers (political and non) who offer great tips on events and insight on living in the District. I love supporting local bloggers and love the forum of ideas that blogs create...and this brings me to why I began to write this post in the first place: Best-of lists. Good? Bad? or just plain ugly?
Typically, when it comes to best-of lists you either love them or loathe them. As for me, I enjoy them- not for the so-called "rankings" but for the plethora of ideas they offer.
I like to take advantage of the influx of new ideas, places to go and things to try; whether it be a new restaurant, a new watering hole or great a music venue.
My particular favorite (which no doubt you have guessed) is the Washingtonian Magazine.
Last week, Washington City Paper released their, "Best of DC 2009." I found that the list offered unique picks categorized into; readers picks, editors picks and in-depth profiles. The list is actually quite entertaining, including; "Best blog/blogger," "Best beer & wine selection," "Best Washington jazz musician," as well as classics like restaurants etc.

The Hangover

Here is the official trailer for "The Hangover" set to be released this summer. Can't help it, I simply can't wait to see this. I mean seriously...who hasn't experienced events such as these?

Reflecting on Reflections

Coming April 10th to the National Portrait Gallery is, "Reflections/Refractions: Self-Portraiture in the Twentieth Century." The exhibit includes 75 self portraits from some of the most influential artists of the 20th Century including; Edward Hopper, Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, Chuck Close and Faith Ringgold among others.
The exhibit explores the complexity and the development of understanding self identity in the past century through themes of self-consciousness, vanity, reinvention.
"Reflections/Refractions" runs from April 10th to August 16th, 2009.

Fiona Apple's "Why Try To Change Me Now"

I have always loved Fiona Apple's music; from Criminal to her last album released, Extraordinary Machine. It has been three years since her last release, which has made many (including myself) wonder, where on earth has she gone? Her voice is uniquely soulful, smoky and sultry. Here is Fiona Apple's version of Cy Coleman's "Why Try To Change Me Now" from the Cy Coleman tribute concert back in January. Give it a listen. I simply cannot wait for her to give us some new tunes, whenever that will be. This will have to suffice until then...enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Double the Trouble

Sienna and Savannah Miller comprise the sisterly duo behind the line Twenty8Twelve. While Sienna is certainly the more recognizable name of the two, both sisters have proved their worth in the fashion world. Love her, or hate her, Sienna, is credited with popularizing Hollywood bohemian chic and has been praised for her iconic style. Her other half, Savannah, attended the acclaimed design school, Central St. Martins, followed by a stint at Alexander McQueen. The sisters were approached by fashion entrepreneur Carlos Ortega in 2006 to create their own line.
Twenty8Twelve is an affordable and ultra wearable collection
Their spring/summer 2009 collection is a fusion of three ideas; Victorian elegance with a soft romantic creamy pastel palate, inspiration from French songstress Edith Piaf with lean tailoring and sleek cigarette denims, and finally a high summer collection filled with watercolor linens and slip dresses.
After five seasons, the sisters took their first leap onto the catwalk in London with their Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Sienna said the runway show helped define who the Twenty8Twelve girl is; a gutsy risk taker
Recently, fellow fashionista Rachel Zoe (who today announced she is launching her own line) interviewed the sister team for Interview Magazine.

My favorite quote from Sienna was this; "I think you can convey so much of our personality through the way you dress, and therefore it is important that the way you dress is true to who you are."
I completely agree with her. Fashion is art. While it can often be misinterpreted and commercialized, becoming too caught up in labels and trends; the base of fashion is wearable art, a way to show your natural style.

Jazzing up April

April is a wonderful month in the nation's capitol; the events, the cherry blossoms, the promise of warmer weather. April is also Jazz Appreciation Month aka JAM. All about town, museums such as the Smithsonian will celebrate jazz. This Saturday, April 4th from 1-4pm, The Baltimore Jazz Alliance will perform at the American Art Museum. Check it out!

The Obamas take London by storm

I am knowingly adding fuel to the fire here, but how can I not address the Obamas first adventure to Europe as President and First Lady?
While obviously there are more important things going on at the G20 Conference than the First Lady's fashions, I am not here to discuss the details of our overseas relationships nor our economy.
The First Couple had their first tea with the Queen today, pictured above. Mrs. O minded her manners for the Queen in a black silk dress from Isabel Toledo paired with a black cashmere cardigan from J. Crew. Mrs. O is certainly on a mission to show off American designers.
The Obamas will have their first dinner in London prepared by celebrity "Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver at No. 10 Downing Street.