Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrating the 4th in Washington

I gather you all can tell that my attention has been elsewhere as of late. My apologies; I am currently shifting focus from college student to college graduate and moving to top it all off.
I will venture beach side for the 4th of July to the Outer Banks; but as always DC knows how to celebrate the 4th unlike any other!
The fireworks on the Mall are an amazing site to see. Check out the Washingtonian's guide for great spots to watch the big bang.

Also be sure to check out U Street's the Gibson this Thursday. The Gibson will kick off 4th of July celebrations early with a big ol' roasted hog and cocktails such as gin rickeys & spiked watermelons (aka whole watermelons split in half soaked in rum)
Dinner will cost $75 per person will run from 6 to midnight. Call 202-232-2156 for reservations.

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