Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hooray! TV on the Radio is coming tomorrow and Tuesday (June 8th & 9th) to the 9:30 CLUB.
Unsurprisingly, the two shows have been sold out for quite some time.
I would kill to be there to witness the glory that is TV on the Radio, however in my stead, I will be enlisting my lovely friend Caroline to give me all the details. (who by the way, snagged her tickets not too long ago on Craigslist) The band is reshaping music as we know it, and their most recent album, Dear Science is earth shatteringly innovative. Be sure to check out "Dancing Choose" and "Stork and Owl."

As the band tours the US this summer, their opening band The Dirty Projectors is well worth checking out as well. The New York Times had a lovely write up on the experimental and undefinable band headed by David Longstreth. (Click here to be directed to the article)
The Dirty Projectors
has fans such as; Bjork and David Byrne (both of whom, they have performed with.)
Check out tunes from The Dirty Projectors here from NPR's music site (which is fantastic fyi)

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