Saturday, June 20, 2009

Growing a little green in the urban jungle

Fast paced city life is not the friendliest for growing a garden, however the past few years have spurred a resurgence of city gardening.
Urban farming has sprung up across the nation, including right here in our fair District.

The New York Times recently interviewed Tony Tomeldon, the principle owner of the H Street Corridor bar, Pug, who has begun urban farming atop the bar.
If I can do something in my corner for the environment, that seemed a reasonable thing to do,” he said. “Plus I can save money on the tomatoes.”

Tomeldon is not alone, hundreds of city dwellers are cultivating home grown crops on their own rooftops; a part of the green movement, but also just a yummy adventure.

"A survey by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, which represents companies that create green roofs, found the number of projects its members had worked on in the United States grew by more than 35 percent last year. In total, the green roofs installed last year cover 6 million to 10 million square feet, the group said."

Rooftop urban gardening has its advantages as well as disadvantages; less bugs, but more wind to knock over fragile crops. However, if you aren't able to afford your own plot of land in the countryside; a rooftop garden may just be the thing for you.

Check out the local blogging venture in urban gardens, The New Urban Sharecropper.

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