Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Obamas; a National Barometer

It's hard to deny that the newest family on the block in the District has quickly become a barometer for lifestyle, restaurants and even for date night.
Whether its a (much talked about) trip to Arlington burger joint Ray's Hell Burger or down to Nationals Stadium for a Five Guys burger; the Obamas have made it a point to pay tribute to local DC establishments such as the noted burger havens above, Michel Richard's Citronelle and Art& Soul among others. By making such savvy choices, the Obamas prove that they certainly pay attention to the established DC foodies.

"Time and again, they've picked restaurants with the enviro-fashionable ethos of "sustainable" and "locally grown," in keeping with an agenda that includes vegetable gardens and healthy eating. And whether going high or low, the family that promised to be active members of the local community is gravitating toward places with strong D.C. roots." (from Washington Post's Reliable Sources)

Regardless of how you feel about the American taxpayer footing the bill for the Obamas date nights; their obvious respect and desire for each other is providing an ideal example for a healthy marriage for the American people.
It's impossible to imagine finding alone time with your wife/husband when you are balancing two children, a recession, international travel, AND a new puppy (and just a tad more...)
However, the Obamas have made it a priority to keep that spark alive; whether its date night at Citronelle, an evening stroll around the White House lawn or whisking away to New York City for dinner at Blue Hill.
Bravo for stressing the importance of a healthy marriage.

Hey, what woman wouldn't want to be whisked off to New York for a romantic dinner?
However, how is Mr. President going to top that...?

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