Saturday, June 6, 2009

Three geniuses stand in a row...

I realize that the statement I am about to make may make me somewhat of a social freak, but I subscribe to quite an opposite going out schedule. I enjoy staying in when most are out and about; an evening full of reading my favorite novels and magazines, watching movies and exploring the blogosphere is a perfect Saturday night in my eyes.

Any who, so this evening I chose to peruse one of my favorite books, Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. It is a fascinating compilation of the twins interviews of their style influences. Some of my favorites include; Karl Lagerfeld, former Interview Magazine editor Bob Colacello, shoe god Christian Louboutin, producer Alexandre de Betak and the Queen of the dresses; Diane von Furstenburg.

Three geniuses stand in a row; MK Olsen, Karl Lagerfeld and Ashley Olsen.

Speaking of the Olsens, check out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen blog dedicated overloading us fans with fantastic images.
Here are some recent looks I'm l-o-v-i-n-g...

Though, I do have a bone to pick with MK and her John Lennon round glasses...

Love trophy jackets; they are such a simple and great way to jazz up a summer evening outfit. Check out Topshop for great trophy jackets.

Truth be told, I morally object to fashion fur, however I simple cannot help but love this look.

Can't go wrong here.

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