Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Ode to Simplicity, and Advocacy; Blue Ridge opens in Glover Park

As mentioned in a previous post, chef Barton Seaver and Eli Hengst's new resto venture in Glover Park, Blue Ridge has finally opened its doors. Much buzz has surrounded this much anticipated neighborhood restuarant since the concept was brainstormed. Eli Hengst told Going Out Gurus, "simplicity was the guiding principle." Oh, a theory after my own heart!
A simple, yet delicious menu; rustic wooden tables and salvaged church pews define the space, which was formerly the home of Busara.
Up next from the duo is a seafood restaurant and retail market in Logan Circle, which will focus heavily on the importance of the consumer understanding where their food comes from.
Seaver is making enormous head way in the area for being a food sustainability advocate, saying,
"So let's talk about oysters. Eating a farm-raised Chesapeake oyster supports generations of watermen and supports the most productive marine ecosystem in the world. When I eat a delicious oyster, it's one of the most ecologically friendly acts a person can take. That's the kind of environmentalism I can get behind."

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