Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eatonville; urban hip mixed with southern charm

The U Street Corridor has become the epicenter for the urban hipster hangout. With its rich history and vibrant atmosphere; it is no surprise that more and more fantastic spaces keep on popping up. A few years ago it was Busboys & Poets, the 21st Century lounge, dedicated to showcasing indie films, open-mike nights and being uniquely artist friendly.

The man behind the popular Busboys & Poets, Andy Shallal named Busboys & Poets for poet Langston Hughes. His newest venture is Eatonville (conveniently located across the street) which is named for Harlem Renaissance writer Zora Neale Hurston who hails from Eatonville, Florida (the country's first African American incorporated township and is the author behind, "Their Eyes Were Watching God.")

“What I love is the fact that the concept is not just food on a plate,” he says. “It really tells a story. It honors the past, and it honors the African-American culture, particularly on the U Street corridor.” (Shallal told the Washingtonian)

Eatonville combines colorful murals (and fantastic I must say!) a vibrant and community friendly dining room and crystal chandelliers which all mesh harmoniously with the very colorful U Street Corridor.
Eatonville brings a hip, southern charm to the District with dedication to southern cuisine which includes; gumbo, crispy fried chicken, fried green tomatoes and Catfish Po-Boys.
Click here to check out the full menu.

Eatonville is located at 2121 14th Street in the U Street Corridor.
Just up the street from Policy, and across from Busboys & Poets.

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