Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A message to residents of Dupont Circle: RUN!

No, seriously if you live in Dupont, run for the high hills!
Don't say I didnt warn you when 7 very annoying, dramatic and highly intoxicated young people move in next door...
As many of you know, the Real World is hitting DC- as if we didn't have enough reality TV already (Blonde Charity Mafia and Real House Wives of DC.)
The Real World cast is set to move (aka reek havoc) into a house in Dupont Circle on June 20th.
You have less than a few weeks to build your bunker, so HURRY!
As Charlie Brown put it best; Good Grief...

My fave goal during filming: Get a very drunk RW cast member to get off the metro in Anacostia...see what happens to a loud spoken drunken mid-west kid in Anacostia- now THAT'S good TV!

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