Monday, June 8, 2009

Ready or Not...It's Summertime

I must be a rare female...I do not fear the sunny summertime and the poolside bikinis it entails. I loooove shopping for new bikinis. No matter your body type, you can find a suit that suits you.
Trick is to not get discouraged and know your body type (don't fight nature.)

Here are a few of my favorite summer bikinis I have seen thus far;

This Eco-friendly bikini worn by Giselle Bundchen in June Vogue. Eco-friendly bikini designer Loyale is setting a great trend by infusing sexy and simple designs with low impact dyes and organic cotton.
With a price tag of $120, it is easy being green. Click here for Loyale Clothing.

Or like this Zimmerman bikini a little feminine and a little retro.

Or this, yet another Zimmerman find thanks to Miss Glamazon herself.

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Glamour Girl said...

thanks for the shoutout Jourdan. I also love the other Zimmerman suit. So fab.